Fox International has a sales team spread out across several countries that used different tools and spreadsheets: they needed to unify them, to efficiently navigate the process. Here we share the Tonic3's experience on UX and Front End development, working under Agile using the SCRUM methodology.

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Business Problem

FOX Latin America, a leading international television provider, has a sales team spread out across several countries. Although they followed the same process for working through their sales cycles, they all used different tools and spreadsheets.

Our challenge was to streamline the process. We needed to unify all the different tools and spreadsheets, each filled with important data into a one-stop-shop site, making it easier for their sales team to efficiently navigate the process.

Fox International - Video on the Platform Tonic3 developed for Fox

What We Did

We built a one-stop-shop site within an already existing internal CRM for the client. The new portal improved communication with buyers and allowed sales teams from all over Latin America to find complete information for their clients, including quotes, contracts, and invoicing all in one place.

It was important that the CRM remained up to date and efficiently managed all client information including, invoicing, certificates, and complaints.

We created a whole new process that meant clients could find all billing and payment information online in a clearly presented system. Clients could also automatically receive emails detailing invoices and payments. The system also permitted card payments.

Sales App UX development for the Fox Latin American Channel Sales Team across the continent

Interface of the platform Tonic3 developed for Fox International

How We Did It


We started gathering requirements and information by interviewing all the stakeholders involved in the project throughout Latin America. We listened, asked questions, and understood their needs for the tool. We generated a report with all our findings and created a journey map for their users.

We then flew them into Buenos Aires and created a three-day agenda filled with Design Thinking activities which included two Design Studios, Brainwriting, and Card Sorting exercises. It was a unique opportunity to have all stakeholders and end-users in one room. It helped them figure out what was the best way to create their platform in a way that would suit everybody’s needs.

We were able to make a huge amount of progress in only three days, without meeting in person, a project of this scale would have involved months of back and forth emails. It was also really fun!

With the requirements gathered from both the User Research and the Design Thinking activities, our UX designers got to work, putting together a clickable prototype that was submitted for validation from the stakeholders, and then put through a round of User Testing to highlight any design issues before moving on to development phase.

End result: A high-resolution clickable prototype that all parties were happy with!


Macbook screen showing the Sales App developed by Tonic3 for the Fox Latin American Channel Sales Team across the continent

Interface of the platform Tonic3 developed for Fox International


Front End Team

With Fox, we worked under Agile using the SCRUM methodology. We each had defined roles, for example, a functional analyst actively helping the PO with backlog management who was in charge of user stories and managing the backlog or the Scrum Master who managed processes specific to the methodology.

Design Thinking was also integral to the process. As one of our preferred methodologies, it compliments UX and prototype testing, to improve the usability of the project.

Three of our Front End developers were incorporated in the Fox development team for the duration of the project. Based at our offices, they communicated daily with the FOX team, working in 1 to 2-week Sprints to develop and integrate the new site to the existing CRM. They developed the tool in React and worked on the re-implementation of FOX’s existing billing and collection system used in Latin America.

Their main responsibilities consisted of specifying functional and non-functional requirements, defining the architecture, and performing functional tests as well as the development and integration.


Tonic3 delivered a new seamlessly integrated site that serves as a hub for all offices and FOX sales teams throughout Latin America, unifying their processes, documentation, and client information. The new fluid system allows them to have quick access to all relevant information. As a result, it has improved the team’s use of time, meaning valuable resources are now used in the right places.

About Fox International

Fox International develops, produces, and distributes television and movie channels in Latin America, and elsewhere around the globe. The company owns and operates digital brands, online portals, production houses, and a network of production arms; operates high definition and third party channels; and publishes entertainment-based websites.


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