Good user experience is all about ensuring your customers and users feel satisfied by the website or app interface of your company. UX considers every element of a user’s interaction with the website and app, with the goal of positively influencing your users attitudes and emotions towards your product. 

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Effective UX is usually a by-product of intuitive design combined with logical interactive features that make sense to the customer, giving them the feeling of value. 

While we live in unforeseen times of a global pandemic, it’s essential to be adaptable and know how to successfully capture your users’ and customers’ attention so your business can continue growing and evolving. 

This remote team is working from home because of the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. They are using their mac computer to keep working on UX, UI, IT, they do nearshore outsourcing. This person has on his wooden desk his phone as well as a green plant

Why now? 

As large sections of the world’s population have to stay at home in quarantine, people are using their electronic devices and relying on the Internet like never before. The world has been turned upside down and the global population is now relying on the Internet for work, shopping, leisure, and socializing. 

It’s essential that your company stands out among the competition and gets its UX right so customers have a positive experience and are happy using your product. Reducing digital friction and difficulty will positively impact your ROI and help you grow your business even in these challenging times. 

It’s important to know that UX has a huge impact on how satisfied your users are and can massively influence purchasing decisions. In fact, according to recent studies, 94% of the factors that affect a user’s 1st impression of your product are design-related. 

While plenty of businesses are frantically trying to cut costs in the uncertain economic climate, growth-focused business managers should think about how they can leverage the COVID-19 pandemic to their advantage and drive more relevant users and purchasers to their services and products. 

It’s worth noting that a well-designed user interface could raise your website’s conversion rate by up to 200%, and a better UX design could yield conversion rates up to 400%. Here we’ll be sharing what good UX looks like and how to deliver that to users. 

Intuitive design 

Simple, easy to use, intuitive design that doesn’t frustrate users is key to maintaining engagement with your product, service, and webpage. Unsurprisingly, 72% of customers abandon purchases purely because of poor user experience.

A user needs to be able to understand and know how to use a design instantly. Users shouldn’t have to think about how to use a website or app, it should be so user friendly that they intuitively know how to use it.

When thinking about simple intuitive design, consider layouts, colors, typography, and graphics. UX isn’t magic nor a result of the skills of a brilliant UX expert, it’s a consequence of excellent design techniques focused on usability.

This is remote team working on the design of the interface with the goal that the user experience is intuitive enough. They know it's important to prioritize UX in this coronavirus pandemic. They use their phones and their black pens to work as well

Value for money 

In order to have happy satisfied customers, they need to feel that they’re receiving a high level of value and service from your website. If your users feel that they’re putting in more effort, and money than service that they’re receiving, it means your UX needs some improvement.

Customers who have to work too hard to use your products or services are likely to give up quickly and move onto the competitor. 

If you’re in doubt about the ROI good user experience can yield for your business, remember that it’s estimated that every dollar spent on UI redesign can yield between ten and a hundred dollars in revenue. 

At the end of the day, it's not only about creating beautiful screens but increasing conversion rates and reducing CHURN, in other words, generating money.

This user feel like he is not receiveng a good service in exchange for the money he spent. He paid with a VISA credit card through his computer. He is now thinking that he is an unsatisfied customer and wondering why he didn't hire a more valuable UX interface, he is considering hiring nearshore outsourcing from Argentina.

Where do I begin? 

Begin with your customer. Put yourselves in their shoes and try to empathize with what service they need or solution to a problem they might be looking for. Start by going through the exact same process that the customer would go through from start to finish and try to identify where any glitches or issues might lie.

Once you experience the product from the eyes of the user, you’ll find it much easier to make improvements. 

Go beyond surveys and feedback and try to get genuine interaction with your customers so that they are comfortable being honest. Many people will have more time on their hands given the current situation and might be more willing to share feedback with you.

Be proactive and contact your customers directly, don’t wait for them to complain, by that point it’s often too late. Organize a live conversation or online chat about what they like and more importantly dislike about your product or service.

If you don’t have easy access to your customers or don’t want to contact them, that’s ok too. Many companies have their own pool of test customers according to the requirements of the project. You’ll be able to choose from a pool of testers that includes individuals of different genders, ages, tech literacies, and job backgrounds. 

Once you have this valuable insight, don’t disregard it, take it on board. Feed it back to your team and respond to your customers’ requests by making the necessary improvements. 

This two people are part from a remote team who is doing a workshop to think about what the consumer wants and what the pain points are. They are using all their UX and IT expertise to understand all the user needs. They write al their ideas on a white board with a green marker, all their ideas were written in their mac computer.


How can Tonic3 help improve your user experience?

At Tonic3, we help you determine what branding and UX are necessary to grow your business and take it to the next level. We work to understand your customer's needs and put our findings into practice.

We identify what might be missing

Our team will help you identify and understand your audience by talking to your users and observing how they interact with your product. We coordinate 1-on-1 interviews with relevant users to identify the product’s current strengths, weaknesses, and necessary areas for improvement.  

We compare the features, navigation, content, visuals, and usability of your direct and indirect competitors to find out what your users might expect from your product, and how your product can fill a gap in the market.

We think about what your consumer wants

We deliver empathy maps of the key target personas based on the information, quotes, and analysis collected to understand what your audience needs and wants. 

Active learning workshops are held either on-site in our office in Dallas, at your office, or virtually with your team and our SMEs, whatever works better for you, to review findings, discuss any opportunities that were found and prioritize features.

We analyze the results related to user goals, how the current digital platform is aiding or hindering them, and how this valuable information translates into design recommendations. Throughout the process, we also include users and stakeholders to come up with design ideas based on user needs.

Once all available information and data have been reviewed, we will move onto defining the design direction and refining the product. Thoroughly understanding what your consumer wants, and having over 100+ combined years of UX expertise to translate this into well thought out and intuitive UX is what will help you build a satisfied customer base and ultimately grow your business. 

At Tonic3 our team of experts can apply our end to end UX process to different projects including web design, software design, service design, e-commerce, AR/VR, CMS, as well as Mobile & App design.

To learn more about how your business can achieve results by improving your UX, reach out and we’ll put together a custom team for your specific needs. 

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