No one can deny today’s hegemony of virtual and augmented reality in the tech scene. Everyone is talking about the research being conducted and the media is drooling about some pretty cool breakthroughs in the field. However, sometimes it seems to the common public that VR & AR technology is still something from the future, closer to tech giants’ R&D laboratories and far away from their routines. But that couldn’t be further from the truth.

You’ll be surprised how many businesses connected to our daily lives are outsourcing AR/VR development. Here are three massive industries that are being impacted by VR/AR solutions - right here, right now.

Learn how VR can optimize your company’s UX.

The Pharmaceutical Industry: Augmented Reality for Health Treatments’ Simulation

Health has always been one of society’s main concerns given that it is directly connected to the quality of life but also to economic growth. The global healthcare industry was worth $8.45 trillion just two years ago and the spending in the sector could reach over $10 trillion by 2022.

Within the healthcare domain, pharmaceutic endeavors are pretty significant. Medications are key from routine treatments to high-risk interventions. Technology has vastly changed pharma, and VR/AR solutions are one of the biggest influences on this evolving path.

One of the most common practices for pharma representatives is to pitch their products to doctors, showing the advantages of medicines and how they impact the human body in the most accurate way possible.

Recently, at Tonic3 we helped our client Veeva Systems Inc., one of the global leaders in the cloud-based life sciences industry, to take these presentations to the next level. With an agile combination of UX research, 2D/3D and VFX design, mobile technologies, and user testing, we developed an AR interactive experience that allows medical professionals to simulate how different drug treatments would act in the human system in a 3D body model.

The product - and the iOS app using an AR kit - can easily be integrated into Veeva’s CMS system. Now doctors can engage in realistic demonstrations using just an iPad - AR technology right in their office. 

AR/VR Solution for Pharmaceutical Industry - Developed by Tonic3 VR AR Developers

The Real Estate Business: (Future) City Touring with Augmented Reality

Another activity area that has been deeply transformed by VR & AR technology is the Real Estate industry. This huge worldwide market has found Augmented Reality to be an incredible tool to (virtually) take people places and give open houses, even if the properties haven’t been built yet. Thanks to AR/VR solutions anyone can walk around a city and experience how it will look like years from now. 

A clear example of this trend is happening in the city of Lewisville, Texas, where several residential and commercial projects are in the works for its historic downtown. Since a lot of these developments are not going to be open for another 2 years, the city was looking for a way of encouraging people to walk around Old Town and experience its future landscape.

With this goal in mind, the Tonic3 team had the opportunity to develop an Augmented Reality concept demo to showcase locals, visitors, and potential residents the new face of the city to come. 

With our AR/VR developers, using similar methods to the Veeva Systems Inc. case, we drafted a concept sketch, a prototype in Unity, and created a simple UI, which was later tied into an iOS app. The final product was a huge success for Old Town Lewisville and its branding initiative, enabling people to walk the streets of the city’s future.

VR/AR Solution for Real State - Developed by Tonic3 VR AR Developers

The Training Field: Virtual Reality for Testing Scenarios

An increasing number of companies are also using the benefits of AR & VR technology to cut costs on employee training. It’s calculated that on average a company invests $1,286 per employee per year in training.

With the wide range of training possibilities available with Virtual Reality development, many corporations are fast-forwarding to a corporate landscape where VR training is the new norm. When businesses use virtual environmental modeling instead of in-house training they diminish risks and increase their ROI while challenging their staff cognitive potential. 

At Tonic3 we developed a testable sandbox for running VR training scenarios with the aim of implementing different setups and comparing the performance of virtual reality against (actual) reality spaces. We wanted to provide our clients with a high-tech VR analysis tool to select the best training scenario possible that mimics real-world training rooms and determines the levels of cognitive load in real and virtual interactions.

Our holistic approach using neural cognitive tools, biometrics, UX analysis, and visual observation lead us to create an Oculus Quest VR app. We were able to improve VR experiences for end-users and gave this business a powerful training option to optimize recall and retention, as well as a welcome boost to their ROI financial analysis.

VR/AR Solutions are Here To Stay

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality devices are being constantly improved. As we’ve seen, some of the most important fields of expertise are being touched and challenged by AR/VR technologies and the improvements they bring are increasingly accessible for all.

At Tonic3 we are convinced that building disruptive products and experiences that optimize User Experience is possible and affordable, with both technical and strategic knowledge.

At its heart, VR & AR capabilities allow us to understand how end-users and users will want to interact with you via these newly emerging mediums. Plus, with +25 years of experience with UX, we have become experts at taking business strategy and using it to create rich user experiences in mixed reality.

If you'd like to analyze together if immersive tech is the right choice to boost your project, schedule a no-commitment advisory call with one of our VR/AR experts.

Choose to include AR/VR into your project and take your business to the forefront of our time.

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