If you've heard of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, it’s likely you’ve also heard mention of the Journey Builder. Salesforce’s Journey Builder is a campaign planning tool that allows your business to design and automate campaigns in a way that naturally guides customers through their journey with the brand. With the highly useful features of the Journey Builder, companies can reach potential customers on a large scale while still providing a personalized approach. 

Perhaps the most important function of the Journey Builder is the ability to design a communication plan. This smart, user-friendly tool takes the guesswork out of communicating with clients, continuously evaluating the customer using data to determine when the best time will be to move them to the next activity. 

Still not sure if the Journey Builder would be useful for scaling your sales? Read on to learn more about the Salesforce Marketing Cloud’s features and what it can do for your business!

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Send meaningful marketing channel messages based on users' behaviors in real time.

Modern-day customers are constantly connected, engaging with brands via digital channels and mobile devices daily. Bombarded with marketing on all sides, it takes a competitive approach to stand out among the many other businesses customers become familiar with. Remaining relevant requires being active, as audiences tend to favor and better remember companies that can be easily interacted with. That’s why marketing, sales, and service life cycles have become all the more important to get right in recent years.

The type of marketing that’s required in this modern market is highly demanding, which is why automation is often the easiest and most efficient way of getting results without a major time commitment. As any good business knows, time is money, so any “shortcuts” that can be taken to make these processes more straightforward are a win. In fact, with the right type of automation, relationships with customers can actually improve and marketing strategies can be more easily scaled.

The Salesforce Journey Builder offers this type of automation, enhancing customer relationships with less time and effort. The Salesforce marketing tool creates meaningful interactions in the form of outgoing messages based on real-time data such as customers’ contact profiles, activities, preferences, locations, and anticipated actions. Each communication is sent based on a set of conditions defined by the company, which may occur inside or outside the Salesforce Marketing Cloud. With such features of the Journey Builder, businesses can not only plan each step of their customers’ journeys but customize their experiences and improve results by delivering the right message at the right time to the right channel automatically.

Giving a Personal Touch to Customer Interactions

As one of the most sophisticated data management platforms in the industry, the Salesforce Journey Builder helps to plan, customize, and improve the 1-on-1 customer journey across all marketing channels, both offline and online.

Understand Your Customers Better With Comprehensive Data


With the Journey Builder, businesses can illustrate customers’ complex journeys and note their activities throughout the marketing life cycle to respond accordingly via email marketing; SMS; social media; or any other marketing channel, device, or app. Then, they can follow up by measuring the effectiveness of these personalized communications in real time based on history, preferences, location, and actions. Purchases, downloads, visits, conversions, and more can all be seen and tracked to gauge the efficacy of the communication and assess whether goals are met using smart, online analytic tools.

When Should You Use the Journey Builder?

With the Salesforce Journey Builder, you can plan, customize, and improve lifecycle marketing programs for each customer based on:

  • Who they are, what they like, and what they probably want (contact profile)
  • Where they are in the customer life cycle (potential prospect)
  • Why they’re interacting (opting to receive a newsletter or service request)
  • How they respond or don’t respond to each communication they receive
  • What their preferred interaction channel is (email, mobile, social, web, apps, connected products, etc.)

The possibilities for customization offered by the Journey Builder can transform a brand’s relationship with its customers. Audiences will no longer receive generic spam-style email marketing that has little to no value or relevance to them. Instead, they’ll receive targeted, personalized communications based on data that are much more valuable and attuned to their individual needs and wants. 

Using marketing automation, the Journey Builder brings efficiency to the sales funnel, optimizing time while also improving relationships. In this way, marketing resources can be used to the best of their ability, generating more sales with less effort.

Interested in  Salesforce Marketing Cloud? Let us help you and show you how to implement Customers Journeys.

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