Ever wondered how you can harness the power of cutting-edge technologies to supercharge your business performance?

Prioritize your eCommerce customer and ensure a seamless experience led by UX SMEs. Embark on multiple workstreams, including discovery, architecture, rapid prototyping, development, and user testing.

The Power of Immersive Experiences in Online Shopping

Modern shopping experiences crave for personal touch and interaction found in physical stores.

The journey to create a virtual store isn't just about technology; it's about understanding user behavior, needs, and desires. Our process begins with comprehensive discovery, followed by brainstorming sessions that capture what users are seeking. Storyboards, mockups, and prototypes bring the vision to life, allowing us to fine-tune the experience before implementation.

Our webVR platform blends creativity and efficiency, delivering an engaging and personalized experience for customers. Explore, play, and experiment with different environments using your phone, tablet, PC, and even VR headsets.

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We also offer gaming-oriented features for businesses looking to increase loyalty by unlocking discounts, enhancing sales potential, and increasing ROI. Keep reading to discover some of the most important functionalities.

Enhancing the Customer Experience

Our virtual store isn't just a one-size-fits-all solution. It's a versatile platform that allows businesses to tailor their digital space to their unique brand identity and business needs. Tonic3's virtual platform enables hyper-personalization to showcase a brand's personality and values. It also serves as a content repository that internal employees can use.

Behind the scenes, meticulous user interface design and interaction architecture seamlessly blend visual design, usability, and immersive interactions. The virtual store's information architecture caters to diverse users, embracing both tech-savvy individuals and newcomers alike. We include and test every feature to create a smooth and memorable user experience.

Top Notch Technology: our production teams use a powerful combination of tools like Figma, Blender, webGL, React.js, .NET, Swagger, cloud hosting, and PostgreSQL to bring magic to life.

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Some of its most important features include:

Easy-to-use CMS: Our online store has a user-friendly content admin that allows companies to update content, 2D images, and digital products. The ability to share this solution with multiple retailers at once further enhances its value. It's a game-changer that transforms the digital retail landscape.

Learning Management System: Transform your training by creating immersive eLearning experiences. Our platform ensures compatibility between different eLearning software systems and content packages. Ideal for upgrading the way you train new talent.


Real-Time Data & CRM Integration: We integrate various data sources into our platform, empowering managers with data-driven insights. Tonic3's virtual experience also seamlessly integrates with leading CRMs, such as Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

We empower businesses with actionable information, enabling them to make informed decisions on the fly. As a result, companies can pivot and adapt, shaping their strategies based on customer preferences and market trends. What sets apart our store experience isn't just its immersive environment; it's the insightful real-time insights it provides.

AR Integration: This feature enables seamless integration with Augmented Reality (AR), elevating customer engagement through an investment in cutting-edge technology. By using XR, brands can provide immersive and interactive experiences that blend the physical and digital worlds. This innovation not only captivates customers but also positions your business at the forefront of technological advancement.

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Lead the Change: Start Investing in Innovation Today!

Our journey of creating a virtual store showcases the power of immersive technologies, user-centered design, and data-driven decision-making. Companies that embrace these principles aren't just responding to change; they're leading it. Through digital transformation, immersive experiences, and CRM integration, we are shaping the future of online shopping and retail engagement.

This innovation isn't exclusive to industry giants. Small and medium-sized businesses can leverage virtual reality to expand their reach and amplify their online presence.

Experience firsthand some of the solutions we've launched in the past year. Take a look and don't waste any more time.

- Virtual Laboratory with an eLearning and Salesforce Marketing integration

- 25 pre-build panoramas for a Tech Museum Tour

- 15 panoramas built from scratch for the Marvel VR Store

- 7 panoramas built from scratch for Tonic3’s virtual office with a custom-made streaming feature.

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Contact us today, and let's create your new virtual space together!

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Contextual advertising can be profitable. It can either pay for your hosting and maintenance costs for you website or it can pay for a lot more.
Contextual advertising can be profitable. It can either pay for your hosting and maintenance costs for you website or it can pay for a lot more.
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