Many people ask me what is the difference between Veeva and Salesforce? Veeva vs Salesforce, which is better? Both Veeva and Salesforce are CRM solutions, which can create confusion or a sense of competition. However, few people know that the two companies have a long-term partnership, and that Veeva CRM was built on the Salesforce Platform.

 According to Peter Gassner, CEO of Veeva Systems, “Throughout our history, Salesforce has been an outstanding partner. The Salesforce Platform provides the ideal cloud infrastructure for our CRM product, allowing us to focus on delivering to the market the deep industry specific applications and the continuous innovation our customers require.”

As for the President and Vice Chairman of Salesforce, Keith Block, “Salesforce is committed to partnering with industry leading providers like Veeva to unlock new levels of customer success. Working with Salesforce, Veeva has driven tremendous innovation in the life sciences industry”

Salesforce has been a pioneer in enterprise cloud computing since 1999. Today, Salesforce has more than 100,000 customers and continues to be recognized as a leader in the industry, working with businesses of all sizes in nearly every industry.

Veeva Systems is a leader in cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. Committed to innovation, product excellence, and customer success, Veeva has more than 190 customers, ranging from the world’s largest pharma companies to emerging biotechs.

What is Veeva CRM?

Built on the Salesforce Platform, Veeva CRM ​​is a cloud-based CRM part of Veeva’s Commercial Suite for life sciences, which delivers the accurate customer data and compliant content required to enable more effective customer engagement across multiple communication channels.

The Veeva CRM suite of products is a multichannel CRM solution created specifically for the life sciences industry. The complete suite offers to all user groups;- primary and specialty care representatives, medical science liaisons and managed markets account executives - a range of prebuilt functionalities.

Veeva CRM is a configurable, cross-channel, end-to-end solution that helps businesses to drive growth whilst adapting to changing business needs.

Because users are mobile, so is Veeva CRM. It's optimized to run on iPad, iPhone, PC and Blackberry and automatically delivers seamless upgrades to customers across the world, several times per year. From advanced CRM functionality and reporting to streamlined, built-in, closed loop marketing (CLM) and Approved Email capability, Veeva CRM improves customer centricity by providing a real-time view of customer activity and behavior across integrated communication channels.

Veeva CRM's cloud-based VInsights database provides sales management and field personnel with prescription, customer and sales data, for informed decision making. Veeva CRMs Suggestions provides recommendations for the best action and the right channels for sales' next interaction with clients.

Commercial teams are guaranteed fast access to assignments through Veeva CRMs integration with Veeva Align. With Veeva CRMs Event Management tool, users can create events, gain approvals, manage budgets and collaborate with vendors.

Built on the Salesforce  platform, Veeva CRM users benefit from Salesforce functionality and innovations.

Veeva Overwiew

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application from Salesforce.

Whether you’re starting your business or looking to grow, Sales Cloud can help you win more deals by building better customer relationships. Get up and running fast with single source of truth for all of you customer data.

Enhance your sales productivity by automating manual tasks so you can focus on your customers. And when you’re ready to grow, you can connect your entire business to Salesforce with a single platform that helps you build better customer experiences.

Salesforce OverviewBoth platforms offer customization and integration possibilities according to your business needs. If you are part of the life sciences industry it will be important to take advantage of the two of them. 

These were just an overview of Veeva CRM and Salesforce Sales Cloud features and benefits. Interested in implementing the solution in your company? Contact our certified specialists in Veeva and Salesforce to learn more about all the features offered by both platforms.

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Contextual advertising can be profitable. It can either pay for your hosting and maintenance costs for you website or it can pay for a lot more.
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